Ranked List is a website where we make lists and rank things. We believe that our lists makes a good starting point for getting an overview of many topics.

The site was built from the ground up to include all the features we wanted. This enables us to list and rank all sorts of items in, what we believe to be, the best possible way.

List Ranking Factors

Brand Lists

The lists are sortable by the different ranking factors. By default the lists are ranked by popularity. To be able to determine popularity for a wide range of things, we created a formula that gives each item in the list a score. You can check out what the score for each list is based on at the bottom of the list.

As for picking what brands to include in each list, we simply try to add all of the most popular ones. We do no particular filtering other than that.

Stock Lists

For the lists of stocks, we just rank by market cap by default. To keep these lists as untampered with as possible, we do not use a scoring system for stocks.

When it comes to picking what stocks to include in each list, we just try to include all of the top most valuable companies, by market cap, that are available on North American stock exchanges. How relevant the stocks are for the topic of each list is also considered. We have no particular selection criteria for stocks other than that.

Attractions Lists

We rank tourist attractions by search popularity, based on data from Google Trends. We do this to try and list the attractions by popularity without adding our personal reasonings for any of the rankings.

For practicality, we use interactive maps in combination with our attractions lists. We do this so tourists more easily can find the attractions they want to visit on the map and navigate there in real life when on vacation.

About the Company

This website is owned and operated by a Norwegian IT company called Alexiuz AS. Alexiuz AS has been building its portfolio of websites since 2017.

Company Address: Gamlegrensa 8A, 3747, Skien, Norway

Company Registration Number: 918851933